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Welcome to the future of last-mile delivery Services and Solutions

We are game changers, committed to supporting a booming market and enabling key logistics players in their transitional journey, whilst embracing the vital sustainability revolution.

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Solutions ready to face the most complicated challenges
of last-mile delivery

Strong demand growthUrbanization & e-commerce boom
Strong demand growth
Sustainability &
energy transition
Decarbonization, low emission zones, acceptance in urban environments
Sustainability &<br/>energy transition
Pressure on
Physical & digital flows to be
massively improved
Pressure on<br/>operational<br/>performance
Regulatory landscape
Regulatory landscapeUnderstanding the regulation requirements

Vehicle innovation and digital services are
the driving forces for efficiency breakthrough

A superior hardware solution
A superior hardware solution

Modular, urban proof, and electric: A tailor-made solution coupled with
unique engineering. Driving unmatched efficiency and sustainability

Optimised B2B service suite
Optimised B2B service suite

Revolutionary platform (SDV) with seamless integration into client operational systems

Designed with and for our customers

Collaboration at every step, we’re committed to agile co-creation and co-design with our clients from day one. Our team of experts develops tailored B2B solutions for last-mile delivery key players.

Key player has new
Understanding the
client's ecosystem
Understanding the
client's pain points
New needsFeedbackLong-term partnership
& continuous improvement

Addressing key stakes

Urban friendly
Driver first
Fleet management efficiency
  • CO2 free
  • Silent
  • Limited and compact footprint for less traffic congestion
  • Several body types to adapt to the operational needs of every customer
  • Access to low emission zones
  • Designed to operate safely in urban environment
  • Minimal turning radius for better maneuverability
B2B service suite
  • CO2-Free & Energy Suite
  • "Lower Cab" position for easy access
  • Innovative cockpit
  • “Step In Van” flagship: safe and direct access
  • Skateboard design for lowest floor height
B2B service suite
  • Driver Suite
  • Dynamic Routing Suite
  • Cargo Suite
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote charging & monitoring of battery state of charge
  • Seamless integration and open platform
  • Midlife battery upgrade
  • 200 km recovered in less thans 30mins
  • Eco design with use of recycled materials & recycling capabilities
B2B service suite
  • CO2-Free & Energy Suite
  • Uptime Suite

A unique partnership with superior execution capabilities

Our unrivalled DNA is made of dedicated experts, ready to deliver high-performance, holistic solutions that are easier, faster, and more effective for everyone.

We are dedicated to last mile delivery

Committed to agile and collaborative co-creation with our customers. One obsession: reducing the total cost of usage for our customers.
We design tailored B2B solutions for last-mile delivery key players.
We forge partnerships to accelerate effective decarbonisation.

Backed by established leaders

Platform with cutting-edge native EV and digital technology (SDV).
Scaling capabilities of the supply chain and manufacturing.
Software as as Service : B2B service expertise & network access.
Access to capital

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